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International Steel Cycle

Examining key components

Steel is Green

Steel is essential to the modern world and the use of steel is critical in enabling man to move towards a more sustainable future. Steel is fundamental in a greener world, whether in lighter more efficient vehicles, renewable energy generation, new highly efficient power stations and construction of smart electrical grids or transport infrastructure development and high energy efficient residential housing and commercial buildings.

Latest Steel Matters

SteelMatters – JUNE 2024

This month, we cover primary steel trade, steel-consuming sectors, international steel prices, high imports, declining exports, and slowing production in South Africa's steel sector.


The international steel cycle can be broadly understood by examining key components: the production of crude steel, the apparent consumption of finished steel products, and their interplay with the world economic cycle, particularly focusing on the economic growth rate. These elements together provide a holistic view of the dynamics governing the global steel industry.