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About Steel

Facts and insights about steel

Overview of the steel making process

Steel, the paramount material in engineering, construction, and daily life, spans applications from cars to surgical tools. Endlessly recyclable, it retains properties, fostering sustainability and versatility.

Steel is at the core of a green economy

Steel, the sustainable material, supports environmental responsibility with improved technology. It pushes boundaries, aids in water conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, solving global environmental challenges.

Steel enables innovation. Steel is creatively applied

Steel’s inherent properties drive innovation, turning ideas into reality in engineering and beyond. With advancements like lightweight applications, modern steel enables sophisticated, flexible, and sustainable solutions for diverse technologies.

Integrity is at the heart of the steel industry

Dedicated to the well-being of our people and the environment, the steel industry invests for a sustainable future, enabling societies to thrive responsibly. Proudly shaping a better world.

There is always a good reason to choose steel

Steel empowers optimal material selection for diverse purposes. Its consistent strength, economic efficiency, and versatility make it the perennial choice, ensuring safety, sustainability, and environmental benefits.

Let’s talk about the steel industry

The steel industry values transparency and actively shares production, sustainability, and safety data. Committed to openness, it engages in global discussions to address societal impacts and enhance industry practices.

A healthy economy needs a healthy steel industry

Steel, the great collaborator, fuels growth and progress across industries. From skyscrapers to infrastructure, its importance continues to rise as we face future challenges.

Steel cares for its community

The steel industry prioritises the well-being of its workforce and local residents. Through job creation and community development, it enhances lives, sustains economies, and fosters long-term stability and growth.