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Policy on steel industry statistical data

The South African Iron and Steel Institute (SAISI) is a pro-competitive industry association. SAISI’s members are committed to compliance with the Competition Act (Act 89 of 1988). Members may participate in SAISI’s activities provided they refrain from exchanging sensitive proprietary information or engaging in activities and discussions which fix prices or manipulate the market.

SAISI data collection and publication process:

SAISI provides services to its members, government and the public by collecting and diffusing steel industry data.

The Competition law acknowledges that the collection and distribution of statistical or other data by trade associations is legitimate when are being complied with strict safeguards.

  • The SAISI collection & publication process complies with competition law requirements.
  • The number of participants in a survey / collection of statistical data shall be sufficient in order to avoid that companies can deduct their competitors’ individual data.
  • Individual and current information provided is kept confidential and not shared with competitors.
  • SAISI diffuses data only in an aggregated format for the entire South African market in order not to allow deducting individual data.
  • In any case, specific information is never exchanged by SAISI in an individualised form, including historical information.