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Environmental policy and guidelines for the South African primary steel industry

In line with the values shared by industry for the creation of a safe and healthy environment, it is the mission of SAISI members to ensure that their business is conducted in an environmentally sound and acceptable manner, striving to minimise the potentially adverse impacts while enhancing those with positive potential. Furthermore, SAISI members support the Worldsteel Association environmental principles.

SAISI members are therefore committed to:

  • The acceptance and implementation of the BPEO (Best Practical Environmental Option) and/or BATNEEC (Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost) to ultimately achieve the goals of the members Environmental Policy Statements.
  • The process of implementing environmental management systems with the goal of achieving ISO 14001 certification.

In pursuance of the above, SAISI members undertake to:

  • Recognise and minimise significant environmental impacts of their operations.
  • Render their sites acceptable in terms of current legislation.
  • Strive towards appropriate international standards for pollution control.
  • Continuously monitor performance against these standards.
  • Develop procedures for reporting of environmental performance.
  • Raise the level of awareness within their own organisations to conserve and protect the environment and to promote individual responsibility for conservation.
  • Ensure optimal utilisation of raw materials and energy sources.
  • Support research into any adverse effects that its products, processes and services may have on the environment.