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South African Coil Coaters Association

SACCA has its authority to govern SACCA whilst remaining a part of South African Iron and Steel Institute (SAISI).

Principles for future cooperation between SAISI and SACCA:

SAISI and SACCA will cooperate as much as possible on subjects of common interest, and a nominee of the SAISI council and/or the Secretary General of SAISI may be invited to the SACCA Board to discuss such matters.

Steel issues will be primarily steered and handled by SAISI. In cases where the clear strength of knowledge and expertise lies within SACCA the steering role will be adopted by SACCA with SAISI continuing to handle the external communication and execution tasks.

SAISI projects to be handled by SAISI and its members, including SACCA members who are also SAISI members.

The SACCA Board has full responsibility for the strategy, operations, finances and adherence of SACCA to the legal requirements and rules of SAISI. The Secretary General of SAISI will be an ex-officio member of this Board.

The SACCA Board may organise the functioning of the general meeting of SACCA members, and its activities as it deems fit and issue SACCA internal regulations to that regard. The SACCA Chairman may delegate the day-to-day management of SACCA to any other SACCA board member.

The SACCA Board decides on the admission of new SACCA members and will determine all the annual dues, if so required, for the SACCA members (both its company members and affiliated members).

SAISI prepares separate management accounts for SACCA. The SACCA accounts will be submitted to the SACCA Board for approval.

Within the SAISI management accounts, there will be an annual administrative charge for SACCA as a contribution towards the cost of administrative support provided by SAISI for SACCA activities. The administrative support will be agreed between SACCA and SAISI for each year.

SACCA will set up its own rules for signatory powers regarding expenses and traveling. The SACCA representatives appointed by the SACCA Board can represent i.e. sign on behalf of the association for all matters relating to SACCA activities within the SACCA budget.