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South African Iron and Steel Institute

Structure of SAISI

SAISI’s Council provides strategic direction and approves policy and the annual operating budget of the secretariat. SAISI’s chairperson is elected for a two-year term by the members of Council comprised of the chief executives and nominated members of SAISI’s member companies.

SAISI functions by means of interaction between representatives of SAISI’s member companies within structured council and committee meetings with the support of the secretariat.

Committees of the Institute

  • South African Coil Coaters and Re-rollers (SACCA)
  • Steel Market Development (SMDC) ( Incl. SSCCII)
  • Steel Recycling (SRC) (incl. Hazcom)
  • Environmental Affairs (EAC) (Incl. Technology)
  • Safety & Health (SHC)
  • International Trade Promotion (ITPC) (incl. Economics & Statistics)

Divisions within the Institute

Two divisions, Strategic Trade Development Division and Financial Division carry out SAISI’s operations and any other task that the Council or Committees may delegate to the Divisions from time to time.